Planning and Zoning


The City of Elgin's Municipal Code regulates development within the city. Our zoning regulations govern land use, building height and density, parking requirements, signage regulations, and the character of development on private property, as well as property uses. 

While zoning ordinances vary from city to city, areas are typically designated for residential, business, mixed-use, or industrial uses. So before you embark on a new project, be sure to contact us first! Based on your project’s location, the Community Development Department will alert you as to if your project is located in a historic preservation overlay zone. If the property is located within a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, you will need to complete a Certificate of Appropriateness for any work being done, but that won't need to be completed right away.  

Once you complete the Zoning Inquiry Form, you will be notified of the options available to you.

Zoning Options

Congrats, the zoning for proposed business location has been approved! Once you are ready to move forward, you can visit the city of Elgin's website to access the Application for Business Occupancy.

The zoning for your proposed business location wasn't approved, but that doesn't mean you are stuck. You have two paths forward available for you:

1) Find an alternate location with the correct zoning for your business. Connect with one of our business partners. You can find their information in the business resources page.

2) Proceed with a Conditional Use process. This entails additional fees and applications as well as a public hearing, but if you are set on your location, this option is available to you.
You can view the conditional use application here. Contact community development for help in completing this application.

View specific Zoning Ordinances in our Municipal Code.

Zoning Maps

If you need assistance in completing the Zoning Inquiry Form, you can contact staff by calling 311 or emailing us at You can also come into the office at City Hall anytime Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm or Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Notice of Planning and Zoning Commission Hearings