How To Begin

Researching takes patience and organization. Please include copies of all original documentation for review.

  1. If your notebook is empty, visit the Recorder of Deeds Office in the Kane County Government Center in Geneva. Trace the chain of title and ownership. Look for unusual changes in valuation as you record the legal description of the property through warranty deeds, mortgages, abstracts, etc.
  2. Next, stop by the Elgin Planning Department in City Hall, 150 Dexter Ct., and check the subdivision plats. Often, buildings were not constructed until the area was subdivided. Building permits are available from 1920 to present.

The property's architectural style can help to determine the era in which the building was constructed. Take heed of major remodeling, additions, or other changes that modified the architecture or you could be led in the wrong direction regarding construction dates.

Research Sources

It is important for you to establish the validity of the information. To validate information, use the Research Sources and attach documentation to justify the validity.